To protect the health of passengers and the public, here are some of the precautionary measures China Airlines implemented.

Travelers please to cooperate with the following epidemic prevention measures for their flight:

  1. Please wear a face mask when checking in at the airport and in the cabin (except for food/drink). Body temperature will also be taken before boarding. Passengers with a forehead temperature over 37.5°C (or 99.5°F) or those unable to cooperate with this procedure will not be accepted to their flight.
  2. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth during the flight. If you should feel physically unwell, please notify the cabin crew then cooperate with seating arrangements and health measures. A face mask shall be worn at all times during the flight; if you should suddenly feel physically unwell (e.g. respiratory symptoms) please do not take your meal.
  3. Do not change your seats while in the cabin. Non-essential conversation and interaction with other passengers at close range (less than 1 meter) should be minimized.
  4. Strict cabin and air-conditioning system disinfection procedures are enforced by China Airlines. In addition to masks, passengers should consider bringing their own gloves and warm clothing. Hand sanitizers (less than 100ml) and alcohol wipes can also be carried at all times to wipe down the surfaces around your seat including the seat armrest, table surface, remote control and touch screen.
  5. Passengers are suggested to wash their hands thoroughly with soap after using the toilet.
  6. Due to refrigeration compartment restriction and pandemic considerations during COVID-19, the company does not provide service for passengers to chill personal belongings on board.

** In the interest of flight safety and public order, any passenger that refuses to comply with the above safety and epidemic prevention measures will be subject to be reported to the Aviation Police Bureau and Taiwan Centers for Disease Control upon arrival, and legal action taken in accordance with the Civil Aviation Act and Communicable Disease Control Act of Taiwan.

China Airlines Inflight precautionary measures

  1. Thorough cabin disinfection & deep cleaning

    After the end of flight, we use special aircraft disinfecting and cleaning agent (Calla 1452) to perform full cabin disinfection. After disinfection of the entire plane, we let the interior sit for 10 minutes before operating the air conditioning system. We place special emphasis on cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces.

  2. Fresh and recycled air quality

    On average, the air in aircraft is completely changed every 2-3 minutes. Cabin air is supplied from outside air taken in by the aircraft's engines after conditioning. Before this air is ventilated into the cabin, it is filtered through HEPA medical-grade filters—the same grade as used in surgical rooms—which remove 99.99% of particulate matter, bacteria, and viruses from the air.

  3. Inflight and meals service safeguards

    The crews must take the temperature before and after duty, wash hands frequently, put on gloves and wear masks when they are on duty. 「Hot Meals Tray」will be served on all flights, but table cloth, towel, menu card and wine list are not provided, in order to reduce the possibility of personal contact during services. Inflight meal services might be adjusted according to coronavirus restrictions and government policy.

Safe Airport Journey

From June 22, 2020 onwards, China Airlines introduce Online Check-in service for all travelers to effectively reduce the amount of time they need to spend at the airport.

* All passengers could complete their check-in process and get electronic boarding pass before arriving at the airport through the airline's official website or official mobile app from 48 hours before their scheduled departure to 60 minutes before the flight takes off.Flights to the United States (including Guam) are subject to local government regulations, and the check-in time is between 24 hours to 60 minutes before departure.

* Airport kiosks will be temporarily suspended in Taiwan and Osaka Kansai airport to avoid repeated contact with travelers. The airline is working together with travelers to make travel safer.

* To comply with the policy of the Taiwan government regarding COVID-19 prevention, China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines reserve the right to adjust the passenger's inflight seat.

Operation and Ticket handling Procedure FAQ to meet the widespread of Novel Coronavirus in China

1. Is there any update on membership benefits due to Coronavirus pandemic ?

Please click Member News( to learn more.

2. Whether my flight will be cancelled or delayed?

Please keep checking our website for the updated list of our cancelled or delayed flight status.

3. If I am planning to cancel my booking, however, as I am not able to get through due to continuous line busy, is there any other way to make contact with your customer service center?

Due to high volume of incoming phones, we are not able to answer your phone immediately. We would like to express our appreciation for your patience. We will make every possible means to come back to you shortly.

4. My flight is affected by the spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov), I want to refund my ticket, how can I do it? Do I have to pay the refund fee?

For details , please refer to official website Travel Advisory information:

Online refund area:

5. Can I make refund of my ticket through phone call? What is the deadline for refund application?

You can make refund either through our online refund functionality or over our ticketing counter. If your ticket was purchased through travel agents, it is our strong recommendation to make contact with our original ticketing travel agent for refund. Please refer to below Ticket Handling Guideline:

6. Where can I apply for my flight cancellation /flight delay certificate?

The certificates can be obtained by raising your application through our official website. Flight Delay/Cancellation Certificate.

7. I will be unable to catch up my connecting flight which was issued on other airline’s ticket. As my missed connection is due to your China Airlines’ flight cancellation, can I apply for the compensation of reissue fee or any other charges which may incur by the rebooking or refund of other airlines’ ticket?

As “the spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov)” is a matter beyond the control of the airline, it is to our regret that China Airlines will be unable to provide relevant cancellation compensation on the miss-connection, reissue fee of other airlines’ tickets, etc..

8. I am holding other airlines’ ticket (with CI/AE flight sector), what should I do?

As “the spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov)” is a matter beyond the control of the airline, please contact the original issuing airlines for assistance of any changes on your ticket.

9. The accommodation and transportation expenses incurred by the change of the itinerary (including the purchase of the other airlines’ ticket to complete my journey), should it be compensated by China Airlines?

As “the spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov)” is a matter beyond the control of the airline, it is not within the scope of our responsibility.

10. Is there any compensation for my China Airline’s flight cancellation?

Though “the spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCov)” would cause inconvenience to your travel, as it is a matter beyond the control of the airline, it is not within the scope of our responsibility.

Please refer to below website Travel Advisory information:

11. I’ve bought special service requirement (e.g.: prepaid excess baggage, chargeable seat, young passenger service, etc.), can I apply for full refund of subject service fee in case of flight cancellation?

The corresponding refund fee for special services such as pre-paid excess baggage, etc. (EMDA), can be waived in case of flight cancellation as mentioned herewith.

12. In what scenario that the no show fee can be waived?

As long as you are being denied boarding due to suspected infection of novel coronavirus, the no show fee can be waived in this scenario.

13. I am holding a China Airlines frequent flyer award tickets, but my flight is cancelled. What should I do?

Please contact China Airlines customer centers or branch offices for further assistance to refund the award ticket without any charges.

14. Can I take disinfection with alcohol or dry hand washing abroad? Can I check-in or carry-on it with me?

The current regulations of Taiwan for carrying medical alcohol abroad are as follows:

  1. (1). In accordance with the provisions of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), medical supplies (including sprays) containing no radioactive materials can be either checked in or hand carried on board. Dry hand washing, alcohol tablets or 75% medicinal alcohol, etc., which conform to the previous international norms, passengers may check in or carry them on board.
  2. (2). If a baggage is being checked in, it can contain single bottle not exceeding 0.5 kg of net weight or 0.5 liters of net capacity and the total net weight carried by per person cannot exceed 2 kg or 2 liters ( perfume cologne should be calculated together, etc.). If baggage is being carried-on on board, according to international regulations for liquid, glue, spray cans (LAGs); a single bottle shall not exceed 100 ml and must be placed in a 1 liter chain bag.

15. What should I do if have to postpone my scheduled flight due to my illness or suspected symptoms?

According to a gentle reminder announced by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, for passsenger with suspected symptoms, in order to avoid possible infection during the immigration process or in the air, please postpone your trip and contact the original travel agency or China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines local branch offices to change/refund the ticket.

For details, please refer to Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website:

16. Could I change my seat and pay for a "Extra-Comfort Seat" in the flight?

In order to comply with the pandemic prevention requirements of the civil aviation administration and implement the passenger safety protection rules, passengers are not allowed to change seats by themselves during the pandemic period. To that end, the sale of In-Flight Chargeable Seat Service is consequently suspended until further notice.