2019 Operational Highlights and 2020 Outlook

Social Harmony: Building a Beautiful Future Together

China Airlines views social responsibility as a corporate duty, which is why we seek to strengthen our local impact. Employees support education by volunteering to spend time with disadvantaged children from rural areas, and they are committed to caring for senior citizens. At the same time, to support environmental protection and sporting competitions, we promote both cultural exchanges and domestic tourism. These measures create win-win situations for us and society.


Marketing Taiwan by Promoting Tourism

China Airlines promotes Taiwan tourism to encourage global travelers to visit and see the island’s beauty. In 2019, we joined a variety of domestic and international travel activities and sponsored the 2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Pingtung, the 2019 Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival, the New Southbound Policy Tourism Summit, a Tourism Bureau event to welcome the 2 millionth Japanese visitor of the year, and the Consumer Forum 2019: Freedom of New Travel. We also cooperated with the Grand Mayfull Taipei hotel on joint sponsorships and partnerships. As a long-standing supporter of Taiwan’s tourism supply chain, we continue to promote government tourism campaigns that raise Taiwan’s international visibility.

Education Takes Root: Cultivating Future Seeds

China Airlines provides good education to foster future seeds. Since 2010, we have supported reading programs for students with the help of teaching volunteers. Since 2013, we have used partnerships with major universities across Taiwan to provide more opportunities for students to learn professional knowledge and practical experiences. Since 2014, we have participated in the Knowledge-Sharing Platform project initiated by the Global Views Educational Foundation. The project offers subscriptions to Global Kids Junior Monthly to elementary school students in Taoyuan City, Taitung County, Nantou County, and Hualien County in the hope of cultivating students' independent reading habits. Around 39,240 students from 90 schools in Taiwan benefited in 2019.

China Airlines continues to strengthen social support by giving back to towns and villages, the disadvantaged, and other community members while contributing to education at the grassroots level through volunteer teaching programs. In December 2011, we consolidated volunteer resources by establishing the CAL Volunteer Club. To support disadvantaged community groups, each year the club visits local schools. It encourages students to develop international outlooks, teaches about the aviation industry, and provides English lessons. In 2019, the club held 16 such lessons totaling 32 hours at Taoyuan schools, including HsiHai Elementary School, Zhuwei Elementary School, Shan Fong Elementary School, and Guolin Elementary School. In total, 92 volunteers reached 1,106 students, showing how the club spreads love and gives back to communities.

In addition, China Airlines employees joined to carry out the public welfare program Love All Around, using their holiday and vacation time to visit rural schools and teach about the aviation industry. Programs such as these help to bridge the education gap between urban and rural areas. Since 2014, our volunteers have visited 53 junior high/elementary schools and social welfare organizations in 27 villages and townships in 15 cities and counties, reaching 3,207 students. In 2019, 264 volunteers reached 481 students at 11 elementary schools, including Miaoli’s Gong-guan Elementary School, Yunlin’s Huanan Elementary School, Taoyuan’s Lunping Elementary School and Shan Da Elementary School, Changhua’s Sigang Elementary School, and Taichung’s Tong-Lin Elementary School. Our employees also visited rural Taitung schools and gave 345 students a firsthand introduction to the aviation industry, thus cultivating future aviation seeds. In 2019, our flight attendants held 15 fundraising and charity fair activities, raising money that benefited 58,035 people through groups that support the disadvantaged.

Caring for the Disadvantaged: Spreading Love Through Charity

China Airlines’ corporate social responsibility initiatives include sponsorship of popular sporting figures who join social welfare activities at rural elementary schools. Since 2012, we have cooperated on charitable projects with the pro basketball player Jeremy Lin. In 2019, Lin served as ambassador for the special event “China Airlines 60 to Go Charity Meet & Greet with Jeremy Lin.” Following his first championship in the NBA, Lin shared his experiences and joy with indigenous students from Sanmin Community, Fuxing District, Taoyuan and members of China Airlines’ Facebook fan group. We also invited MLB players Chen Wei-yin and Wang Wei-chung to host a baseball training camp in Taitung, a rural county with limited educational resources. Through these events we hope to inspire Taiwan’s next generation of sports stars.

China Airlines also cooperates with Huashan Social Welfare Foundation to host banquets and provide care gifts for senior citizens who lack support or are afflicted with dementia or physical disabilities. In 2019, a total of 400 senior citizens joined three joint charitable events held during Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. We continue to support Make-A-Wish Taiwan by providing courtesy flights to children with serious diseases, and we held a year-end banquet for disadvantaged children and senior citizens in conjunction with the Fisher’s Association of Taoyuan.

In 2019, we sponsored students from Yayu Elementary School in Lanyu Township, Taitung by providing 40 round trip tickets between Taipei and Vienna, so members of the Little Flying Fish Cultural Exhibition Troupe could perform Lanyu traditional dance in Europe. The contribution was part of our commitment to support hardworking, passionate children who lack the financial resources needed to fulfill their dreams. It was a realization of our motto to “believe in yourself and you'll do it better” and a fulfillment of our corporate social responsibility.

China Airlines and the Down Syndrome Foundation cooperated to hold charitable fairs in which they sold secondhand goods and soap handcrafted by children with Down syndrome. There was an excellent response at the China Airlines headquarters, and the children who participated used the opportunity to experience virtual passenger cabins. Proceeds were donated to the Andrew Food Bank to support 1,000 families in need.

An Excellent Team Provides Professional Service

The superb ground to air services China Airlines offers have led to a number of commissions from the Presidential Office to support the president’s diplomatic journeys. In 2019, we managed flights for the “Oceans of Democracy” and “Journey of Freedom, Democracy, and Sustainability” state visits. We will continue to leverage our professional services and excellent aviation crew to provide the president, vice president and members of their traveling team with safe, comfortable journeys.

Cherish the Earth by Practicing Environmental Protection

China Airlines holds beach cleaning activities as part of our care for the environment and love of the earth. Since 2011, each year we invited staff from various departments to join clean-ups at the Zhuwei Fishing Harbor. In 2019, when we moved the event to Shalun, Tamsui for the first time, more than 552 employees and family members participated. We further expanded our efforts by holding an additional clean-up at Cijin, Kaohsiung. Climate change, energy savings, and carbon reduction are other international areas of concern. We have received a number of awards and honors for our contributions in these areas, including holding a Diamond Green Building Label since 2017 from the Ministry of the Interior for the administrative building and training center of the China Airlines headquarters. In 2019, we received a Taipei Energy Conservation Leadership Award for the Songshan CAL Park, a rating of A-/ Leadership from the Carbon Disclosure Project, and inclusion for a fourth consecutive year on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (the only domestic transport company to achieve this).

Sponsorship Advances Sport in Taiwan

To support local sporting heroes who raise Taiwan’s visibility and advance local sport, China Airlines helps elite Taiwanese athletes participate in international sporting competitions. Besides being named as the designated airline of many sporting competitions, we offer sponsorships and other resources to major domestic and international sporting events.

In 2019, we helped raise Taiwan’s international visibility by sponsoring the Taiwan Legend Championship. We support elite Taiwanese athletes who seek to compete internationally, including tennis player Tseng Chun-hsin, baseball players Chen Wei-yin and Wang Wei-chung, basketball player Jeremy Lin, fencer Chen Yi-tong, volleyball player Huang Pei-hung, and ultramarathoner Tommy Chen. We support teams and associations that show great potential, including the Pauian Archiland basketball team, the Formosa Dreamers basketball team, and the Rising Star RG gymnastics association. These contributions help Taiwanese athletes continue to perform at a high level.

Using Corporate Resources to Engage in Cultural Diplomacy

Leveraging corporate resources and aviation advantages, China Airlines cooperates with the government and private organizations to promote cultural diplomacy and raise Taiwan’s visibility. In 2019, we participated in or sponsored the Summer Stage at New York’s Central Park, Taiwan Plus 2019 at Tokyo’s Ueno Park, 2019 Future Commerce, the Interflora World Cup 2019 in Philadelphia, the 2019 Taipei Fashion Week SS20, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, the Taiwan Forward National Day Celebration, the 2019 Fireball Fest, and the Asia Esports Awards. Joining these events not only showcased China Airlines’ cultural brand but also showed the diversity and excitement of Taiwanese culture to the world.

Extending Goodwill Through Corporate Social Responsibility

China Airlines is a responsible corporate citizen that views social responsibility as a duty. As a member of the aviation industry, we recognize that we have a mission to support economic exchanges. Using our core advantages and competencies, we continue to build social value. Acting to help disadvantaged members of society improve their quality of life, we promote social equality and shared glory, so more people can pursue opportunities for happiness and success.

In the pursuit of a positive cycle of social and corporate development, China Airlines puts its resources towards social welfare and support for social equality. In 2019, we sponsored numerous charities and charitable activities, including Ronald McDonald House Charities, the 2019 Dayuan United Games for Junior High and Elementary Special Education Students, the Children Charity Association annual charity concert, the Eden Foundation Barrier-free Life Experience and Festival, the Tanzania volunteer mission of the National Tsing Hua University International Volunteers Center, the Taiwan Indigenous Culture Promotion Association “I Protect My Body” activity, the Down Syndrome Foundation international talent exchange program, and a southern California performance by the Polar Light Percussion Group.

To support passengers’ health, China Airlines operates a voluntary doctor registration program that enables flight attendants to quickly locate any doctors on board if an emergency health incident happens while in-flight. The doctors can then provide immediate assistance in cooperation with China Airlines’ ground-based medical team. The program was launched in 2017 in conjunction with the Chang Gung Medical Foundation, the Taiwan Medical Association, and the Pau Jar Charity Foundation. In 2019, as China Airlines continued to promote a message of “mercy for society, goodwill for the nation,” the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation joined the ranks of the doctor registration program to contribute towards an even safer journey for passengers. In the future, we will continue to promote compassion and care programs to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.