2019 Operational Highlights and 2020 Outlook

Digital Service Upgrades

With the age of digitalization upon us, China Airlines has begun to use digital channels to provide travelers with a more personalized experience and online marketing to increase interactions with customers. At the same time, we use our digital advantages to achieve new industrial benchmarks for cargo operations efficiency and status tracking.


Raising Brand Awareness Through Social Media

During the busy holiday season at the start of 2019, China Airlines used a spring-themed red envelope prize draw promotion that attracted close to 94,000 participants to boost to our brand. To mark the two-year anniversary of the opening of our Kaohsiung – Kumamoto route, China Airlines cooperated with famed Taiwanese go player Joanne Missingham to shoot a music video featuring the Buddy Bears. The popular bear characters joined fan events in Taiwan and Japan, further sparking social media discussion in the two markets.

To celebrate China Airlines’ 60th anniversary we produced an advertising campaign highlighting how every moment of a journey is important in its own way. Souvenir activities on social media sites and augmented reality games increased campaign exposure and raised participation among consumers. At the end of 2019, we invited Taiwanese aesthetician Chiang Hsun to speak about discovering beauty through travel. Chiang’s eloquent presentation to Dynasty Flyer members discussed how our travel experiences can become some of the best moments of our life.

Taking the opportunity to ride the wave of a new social media trend, China Airlines posted a photo of a jetliner together with maintenance equipment and staff neatly arranged on a tarmac. In one day, the photo reached 138,000 people, was shared 1,129 times, received 608 comments, and was even the subject of news and media reports. The attention increased brand enthusiasm and brought us closer to consumers. To give the world the opportunity to learn more about Taiwan, China Airlines enlisted Kobayashi Kengo, a Japanese photographer, to introduce Taiwan’s natural, cultural, and culinary scenery through a series titled: Taiwan: The Wonderland of Asia. At the same time, we released eye-catching advertisements with striking visual effects targeted at specific groups. Using images and words, we build brand value and encourage more travelers to visit Taiwan.

To better manage visitor behavior on the China Airlines official website we utilize a marketing funnel. At the top of the funnel, digital advertising increases our customer base so we can reach more people. Data-driven screening of potential customers provides opportunities to increase exposure among target groups during periods of activity. At the center of the funnel we rely on digital direct messages and app notifications to communicate brand incentives to paying customers, encouraging them to use our website or app to make purchases. Besides digital newsletters, content advertising, and social media marketing, we hold non-virtual activities to further put our corporate branding principles into practice. This multi-faceted approach to marketing solidifies our position in the local market and contributes to our strong performances in the aviation sector.

Our official website seeks to provide global passengers with the best browsing experience possible. In consideration of our customer diversity, we provide 14 different websites in 11 different languages with added localization modifications. In 2019, we continued to optimize the reservation and ticket purchase systems as well as the visual interface. We moved ahead the latest ticket purchase time to 80 minutes before departure in Taiwan. In line with new ticket price products that debuted on October 2, 2019, we added payment options for passengers to select their seat and provided an option to pay or redeem rewards to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi. Each of these services optimizes the customer experience. Besides guaranteeing the rights and interests of our online customers, we want every passenger who purchases a ticket on our corporate website to enjoy friendly, personalized service.

With the digital age underway, the general public closely monitors the convenience and safety of e-commerce. Recognizing that expectations are high, we regularly improve our corporate website. To guarantee a secure experience for customers, we continue to add 3D Secure credit card payer authentication for more countries. We also added UnionPay in Taiwan to provide more options.

An Industrial Benchmark for e-Freight

Based on IATA’s latest e-AWB market penetration data from 2019, we achieved our goal of being included among the world’s Top 10 airlines ranked by e-AWB volume ahead of schedule. Using electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic transmission methods we exchange information with forwarders, which lowers costs for both parties and avoids delays caused by AWB entry errors or loss of documents.

In 2019, we expanded our paper-free cargo operations beyond Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt, and the Americas to include Amsterdam. By following IATA policy recommendations, we became a model company for protecting the environment, reducing carbon emissions, and advancing digital processes and operations in the Taiwan aviation market.

Digital Information Management

We adjusted cargo operations information entry to satisfy Chinese customs regulations. The change also provided forwarders with a more convenient channel for electronic data interchange for Chinese cargo. In line with implementation of the US Air Cargo Advance Screening (ACAS) program, we built an advanced air cargo information system that meets requirements of airlines flying into the United States.

Our cargo operations systems use 4G Wi-Fi to quickly send loading data to mobile devices, thus providing detailed information on cargo movements, from the release to apron to vessel-side loading. To support weight balance planning, the system verifies loading position accuracy, further enhancing flight safety. At the same time, we provide cargo movement information to cargo operations centers in the United States and China as well as Southeast Asian cargo transport hubs. Improved cargo flight timetables on our corporate website, tracking information, and cold chain cargo data provide additional updated information to customers to further support their tracking needs.