The Never-ending Pursuit of New Opportunities
Leads to Sustainable Corporate Benefits

In conjunction with passengers, they use aviation as a starting point to create more beauty
in the world while aiming to make China Airlines Taiwan’s most beloved aviation company.

2019 Operational Overview
and 2020 Outlook

Pursuit of Excellence and Sustainable Profits
Putting Ideas Into Practice to Happily Fly High
Digital Service Upgrades
Teamwork Promotes Synergy
Comprehensive Care in a Friendly Workplace
Social Harmony: Building a Beautiful Future Together
Strengthening Safety Awareness to Advance Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance

Upholding Our Commitment to Strict Flight Safety Standards

Safety is a promise that China Airlines will not compromise. In 2019, as part of a commitment to advance aircraft engineering and maintenance, we continued to implement our safety management system (SMS) and maintain SMS certification. The goal is to advance the flight control safety and quality of our crew while upgrading equipment and maintenance, thus providing customers with the highest quality, most reliable service possible.

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Environmental Trends

Implementing Green Energy and Corporate Sustainability

In response to global trends, China Airlines educates all staff on the benefits of green energy, environmental management, and efficient use of gas. We continue to work toward fulfilling our goal of carbon-neutral growth. As our carbon reduction goals show, we are working to become an international benchmark for the aviation industry to follow.

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China Airlines Awards

Repeated Excellent Performances Put China Airlines Back on Top

Since establishment 60 years ago, China Airlines has diligently worked to meet the expectations of employees and society. In 2019, the business performed excellently in many aspects, including service quality, corporate governance, sustainable results, aviation safety, international certifications, green energy, carbon reduction, and corporate marketing More btn arrow

Promoting Taiwan to the World: A Repeat International Award Winner at the US Rose Parade

Carbon Reduction Performance: China Airlines Is Recognized as a Model Company

Fly to Eco Wins at the Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-movie Festival

Dual Honors in the 2019 Sustainability Yearbook

Inclusion on the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index

Taiwan’s First Internationally Certified Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Transport Company

Ranking in the Top 5% of the Corporate Governance Evaluations

A Winner in Next Magazine’s 2019 Top Service Awards

Annual Image Advertising Wins at the 4A Creative Awards

A Winner of the APEX Five Star Global Airline Award

A Winner at the Global Corporate Sustainability Awards

Passing the IOSA Renewal Audit for the 8th Time